SD Guthrie International’ business philosophy is to provide a comprehensive range of oil and fats products of the world’s best quality. This gives us an edge in our selling proposition and sets SD Guthrie International apart from our competition.

SD Guthrie International offers the security and cost-efficiency of a fully integrated, traceable value chain. Supported by unrivalled expertise and R&D, our sights are also set on a green and robust future.


Customised Solutions

Our R&D and Innovation Centres, located across the globe with over 200 technocrats, scientists and technicians, assist us with our commitment in providing a variety high quality edible and non-edible oil and fats products to you. With a wealth of experience in the industry, we are committed to fulfilling stringent requirements to provide only quality products and excellent service with timely delivery.

In addition, we anticipate the ever-evolving food industry and are fully equipped to produce a comprehensive range of oil seed-based ingredients that meet your specific requirements — be it customising oil products for frying, application and dairy products, colouring, and as food ingredients.

Logistics and Packaging

Being a fully integrated, single-source supplier of refined oils and fats, SD Guthrie International delivers your needs with fully trackable, managed logistics. And when it comes to end-of-line, we provide customised filling and packaging options to optimise your final product characteristics.

All of SD Guthrie International advantages seamlessly unite to help maximize your competitive edge.