Our expertise in oils and fats production includes teams of R&D specialists dedicated to creating innovative solutions that are specially formulated for our customers’ needs. We not only develop the specific applications to individual products, but also help anticipate market trends that affect how our customers remain competitive.

SD Guthrie International Innovation Centres around the globe are involved in consultation and planning from start to finish, providing technical support and product solutions to meet every need. We help our customers in new product development right through to packaging.

We’ve also developed solutions that have impacted product categories, including being the first to introduce an oil palm bi-product for more digestible, premium poultry feed.

Other Milestones Include:

  • Further optimisation of downstream processes to improve refinery’s efficiency and product quality;
  • Developing and commercialising of healthier oil and nutraceutical products; and
  • Membrane latex filtration, leading to higher recovery of latex concentrate from waste streams.

The Advantages of SD Guthrie International R&D

  • Ever-improving processing technology, with on-going recommendations for milling and refinery improvements
  • For oils and fats, fundamental research on palm products results in transfer of technology to innovation centres and subsidiaries for the development of customised products