SD Guthrie International is a single, integrated solutions provider of oils and fats across the entire value chain. From plant through packing, we offer a variety of oils and fats across the globe, across product categories, including commodities, specialty products and our own manufactured products.

Being a single-source provider streamlines our ability to deliver innovative solutions, unrivaled customer service and a wide range of support. This also helps optimize sourcing and supply efficiency, adding minimized down-time to the benefits of quality and sustainability.


End-to-end Cost-efficiency

  • Because we have secured plantations, no time or money is wasted sourcing for seeds, so we can better manage price and supply.
  • Setting best-practices standards for the production of consistent, premium quality oils made through our own single-source plantations.
  • The cost-saving benefits achieved for customers’ from the use of highest-quality oils.
  • Being in direct management of demand and supply means less wastages, with better logistics management from plantation to product making.
  • The scale involved in end-to-end management also means more leverage on strategic relationships and better negotiations with supplier.

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